Monthly Archives: September 2012

Winding down and away


This summer has been torture. Business has continued to be off and made us face the facts. We can no longer subsidize the freeloaders, so we are closing our store at the end of the month. The landlord doesn’t believe in negotiation and still believes that that this is prime property. NOT. Buyers don’t want to want to pay the landlord’s price for rent, so we can’t sell the business. sigh. We have a lot to do in the next 35 days.

Good news is that, after 2 months vacant, the rental property we own is finally occupied by a very nice family with an adorable 3 year old. Makes me miss our two transplanted cherubs all the more. Two months of painting and cleaning and making sure that there were no traces of lead paint was a challenge… but it was looking good when they¬† moved in last week. Wish our house looked that good right now. The Loading Dock was a wonderful resource for recycled product that could be used in home repair and maintenance. Cheap truly is beautiful when you have no spending budget.

I had hoped to start Christmas crafts by now, but have only acquired some of the items I needed to get going; now I’m not certain of being able to afford the rest. Oh well.. grand thoughts and plans… and, of course, I will now have to go out and get a job or eating could get a little tense.