Monthly Archives: May 2012

Any given day


I am obviously not into the blogging thing so far. I am, however, still into the “make a mess you can’t clean all the way up” formula.

Pinterest is making me crazy with ideas. I can’t focus.

I have acquired felt and tutorials for the needle books, but that’s about as far as I got on that project because the weather got nice. And the kidlinks were back, however briefly. I fixed some rotted wod spots on the house… not the kind of project I was looking to  attend, but necessary.

I found 8 beautiful pallets. 3 have already been attached to the compost are I created. I lined them with that weed cloth… put some dirt in  one of the pockets(then ran out), and stuck some forlorn looking petunias and a fern in the dirt. Mercifully it rained to help them settle in.

I printed out some samples of QR codes on canvas… I had no idea stretcher strips were so hard to find. I sent out one of my stretched and framed creations to the upper NW for an annniversay .. feedback was minimal. Cute, I think, was the word. :~

I found a old drawer front that I cut in half to make 2 doors for the fairy garden. Rounded the tops.. and satined them. Put a framed mirror on one and am deciding what to do with the other. I Made a door frame for the former and painted it purple. Needs sanding and another coat of paint… then some embellishments.. and I can hinge it and attach the assembly to the cherry tree out back. I made a stab at stairs, but think they may have to be reworked… and have but some dirrt and flowers in the disabled wheelbarrow. Coming together.

Have not firmly decided on the porch swing/rocker… I am leaning towards the creation of a replacement swing out of a door we have in the basement, but then there is the bentwood rocker that cries for some red paint. And the china cabinet and buffet… more crying. But now it’s probably me. 🙂