Monthly Archives: April 2012

Spring of my discontent


I have had the worst case of hayfever I can ever remember having. After several weeks of coughing, sneezing, sniffling and generally being miserable, I am at the runny nose, occasional sneeze and the rare cough stage. Needless to say little progress has been made on any projects.

On Monday I came home from work to find that my favorite cat in the whole world, had passed in her sleep. She was all stretched out in front of the window.. her favorite sunny spot. We knew it was coming as she’d been growing weaker for some time, but it didn’t make it any easier. She was supposed to be a temporary visitor – 13 years ago my son was between apartments – and gave it the old  ‘ can you watch my two cats for a little bit, til I find a place that allows pets?” Sure.

We already had a dog and a cat. What’s another couple of cats. So, the ‘gran-cats’ moved in. I wanted to like the other cat visitor better – the  little one since she was petite – a black and white tuxedo cat – and beautiful. But she had what looked like vacant spaces where here eyes should have been. She was also pure evil. This one, only about a year old, was a little chunkier… but like a puppy. Eventally, my original cat passed, as did the dog and we were left with the two ‘grans’. It wasn’t that bad.  Big cat (we never did get around to calling her by the name my son gave her) was amazing.  She followed me every where. She slept curled behind my knees at night, she hovered next to me whenever I had one of those blasted migraines, she woke me by gently batting me in the face with her paw. She always used her box. (a bonus compared to the other, evil, sensitive-nosed cat). She did have a penchant for hairballs, but getting the expensive food seemed to help. Oh, and she did like to chew on the plants. She never wanted to escape from inside the house – except when we were sitting on the front porch. She had to be out there with us.

I would have been happy to keep her around forever. Sadly, we couldn’t do that… and now she’s gone. And I am a basket case. I can’t get another cat because we still have psycho cat. This one doesn’t even like herself, much less any other cat. However, she does appear to be suffering from the loss as well. She has been sniffing all of the old sleeping cats for the dearly departed.

I buried my cat near a cherry tree. I had already started landscaping there a few weeks ago – planning to make it a fairy garden.. I have the broken wheel barrow… and several small plants positioned for maximum enjoyment. Now, I can make a marker… and remember her fondly – hopefully the water works will slow down soon… it is not helping my runny nose at all.