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Severe Case of Butfirst Disease


I have successfully avoiding getting a whole lotta nothing done as a result of Butfirst Disease. If you are not familiar with the diagnosis, let me explain. I want to work on a really cool idea for mason jar pendant lights in my kitchen. My kitchen is experiencing a year long facelift (I can be very slow when I have to). One of the many ideas I saw on Pinterest was for mason jar pendants. I have an abundance of mason jars for my kefir fermenting, so I figured ‘why not’? I know I have some hanging fixture parts in a box of electrical stuff in the basement.

 Butfirst kicks in when I go to the basement and realize I forgot to put the wet clothes in the dryer and start another load in in the washer. My freezer in the corner of the basement near the washer/dryer, so I also grab some food to get a head start on loading the crock pot. Butfirst – I really need to clean out some old stuff in the freezer. I stack the frozen crock pot goods on the steps and go back over to the corner of the basement where my stash of old electrical stuff is. Butfirst I have to go thru the box – and find the parts for 3 pendants – almost – the mounting plates that cover the connections at the ceiling don’t match – and I only have two, not three. So – butfirst – I have to find another plate… and I have to paint them to match. Butfirst – on Pinterest – I saw a neat idea to make the mason jars look like the old blue jars, with food coloring and white glue. My glue is like taffy, so Butfirst – I have to get some new glue. And another mounting plate.

Last week I found a cover plate at the local Home Depot and glue at the dollar store. I painted the inside of 3 mason jars with white glue tinted with a couple of drops of blue food coloring. I took the light bulbs out of my exising recessed lights and used screw in adaptors(which I had to go out and buy) to turn them into outlets and decided to test the look before committing to mason jar fixtures. I am glad I did. They looked like crap. Too crowded and fussy. I think I will clean up the look of my existing recessed fixtures and stick with them. Fortunately, thewhite(blue) glue dissolves with water, so they were easy to return to normal. The wiring for the pendants will go back in the scrap heap – and the cover late – back to Home Depot. Maybe I will find something else to get into while I am there. Last time I found a brand new Swiffer thing(the brand new starter kit) marked down to $2.79. And the Re-Store for Habitat is nearby – and they ALWAYS have cool stuff.

Butfirst, I have to return library books. And I saw(on Pinterest) a cool recipe for an upside down banana caramel cocotnut cake that looked exceedingly decadent – so I might hit the dollar store for some cheap coconut. Then, of course I have to get up to work by noon today.

Onward and upward. The day is young, I don’t have a headache… and I have places to go – things to do – and plenty of opportunity for some quality Butfirst.  Who knows, maybe they’ll send me an email from the latest Cutting Edge stencil give away at Uncommon Design. Then I will be in serious trouble. 🙂   AND, the grans are in town; they are the ultimate in Butfirst distractions. The very best kind. 🙂


Gumption Loss


I should be standing in front of a self help meeting instead of posting this. I am a Pinterest addict. It as if I suddenly have access to a bazillion beautiful magazines and all of the pictures of all the beautful ideas and projects. It’s time to do triage and prioritize.

The granite didn’t happen. The weather got yucky last week and I did not want to lug it, or cinder blocks around in the rain. I did, however, re-discover Re-Store and the new store they opened in our neck of the woods. I scored a gallon of Minwax stain and  a gallon of poly. Separately, I also found the parts to continue a mason jar hanging pendant lamp(s) project for the kitchen. I have 3 recessed lights that are about to be converted. LOL

My son introduced me to Microsoft OneNote… and the app available for my smart phone. I am putting more of my notes in there… I just wish I was better at it. My typing into the darn thing is abominable.

In the spirit of prioritizing, my first stop this am will be to check out a place my son recommended for new tires. My galavanting will be severely curtailed if I don’t replace my bald eagles soon.


onward and upward:)