Monthly Archives: February 2012

Things never go as planned, do they?


I had every intention to acquire some scrap granite pieces Wednesday, but it didn’t happen. Couple of reasons. I didn’t allow enough time to make it happen – went to the Loading Dock, searched for some pretty pieces, but by the time I saw where they kept them now, I was running late to work. Perhaps I can accomplish a ‘do-over’ on Saturday. Or I might just come up with a whole new plan. Maybe I’ll just hunt for pieces that would work as new tops for the radiator covers. Tomorrow is Friday – maybe I’ll make another run at it tomorrow. đŸ™‚ The second reason… and probably the reason I was running late…. exploding head! Better now, but Wed was not fun.

Tomorrow, tomorrow…


Opening arguments


I wanted to sign up for a free stencil contest. Cutting Edge Stencils have the most amazing designs and have been offering some neat gifts on various blogs. In order to enter the aforementioned contest, they wanted me to sign on with a Google ID, or open ID. Well, I didn’t want to use my Googe ID because it is for work, and this is for play. So I decided that I’d go to WordPress and sign on for an ID/blog space. Why not? I’m always making racket about something… and trying to do something on the cheap – after all, cheap is beautiful, free is better. So here I am. First post on a blog that I wrote. Imagine that.

Hello world!

Onward and Upward. New beginnings and all that stuff. There have been projects in my path – only a select few make it to completion. Time will let me know if this is going to be one of the completed projects..
My goal is to list/illustrate the items that have made it to a successful completion. I’d make a horrible assembly line worker – almost everything I do is one-off. Tomorrow I want to stop by The Loading Dock to see if they have any more odd pieces of granite left – they had them for $2 each  last week and I think if I can find a small square one, maybe I can come up with a place to put the BBQ tools while cooking in the summer.